Our handmade crochet Jennifer (Aniston) dress in red!
01 Jul 2020
All about comfort. Loving this relaxed fit crochet Talitha mini dress
28 Jun 2020
Beach time bliss in our handmade crochet onesie.
27 Jun 2020
Sunny days ahead...💕🌊🥂🧜‍♀️
25 Jun 2020
This pic is full of love! 💕 Mermaid @pamelatick in our shellbelished crochet Seashore Jane bikini!
24 Jun 2020
This crochet Emma dress brings sexy back
23 Jun 2020
Our summer uniform - lacy crochet miniskirt with matching off shoulder top
22 Jun 2020
Summer romance in white crochet lace
20 Jun 2020
...all about exploring the world in a long flowy tie dye dress!
17 Jun 2020
These dreamy crochet bells and matching top are now back in stock!
15 Jun 2020
A perfect outfit for summer - crochet Filigree maxi skirt with a lacy off shoulder top
13 Jun 2020
This shellbelished mermaid worthy crochet beauty! It’s called Tidal Treasure bikini, it has cowrie shells, pearls and wooden bead trim reminiscent of found treasures washed ashore. And then that crochet encased ring detail too...so 💕
07 Jun 2020
Letting the light in ... 📷 @justinmacala
06 Jun 2020
Greece! ...soon please!!! That view is seriously insane, it feels like you are on top of the world! Beautiful @talitahoppe in our tie dye dress 👗 💕 📷 @justinmacala
30 May 2020
Rainbow 🌈 life forever! Mermaid @annaherrin in our crochet Rainbow bikini! 📷 @nordicretreats
26 May 2020
One important thing about this silk tie dye dress - when you put it on it will make you dance!!! 💃 💕 part of our MDW sale! Ends tonight tho so don’t miss out
25 May 2020
If you could close your eyes and wake up anywhere ...
21 May 2020
I believe in color therapy! Just looking at this pic, my mood has already improved by 100%! Here is beautiful @billiecarroll in our silk tiedye wrap top and matching skirt walking her cute little doggie! 💕🐾🌴🌊
20 May 2020
Current mood ... @nathalya.cabral in our crochet Seashore Angel monokini for @malvados
17 May 2020
This is my color therapy skirt. All about using powers of color to heal, energize, and soothe.
16 May 2020
If you are afraid of color then this dress is for you!!! 📷 @justinmacala
13 May 2020
Can’t wait to take this dress for a stroll ...
12 May 2020
Silk tie dye Cara wrap top and matching skirt in aqua flamingo 🦩 🦩🦩
11 May 2020
Love this flowy drama. Our silk tie dye skirt and matching top in aqua flamingo! Also part of our Mother’s Day SALE!
09 May 2020
A pool with a view! @nathalya.cabral x @Malvados sandals in our crochet Seashore Angel monokini
06 May 2020
Our crochet Antoinette shorts are modelled by the "goofy, warm, enthusiastic, unselfconscious" and incredibly gorgeous Lily Aldridge in the May issue @marieclairemag by @jenn_edit! Equally as exciting is the fact that @lilyaldridge Aldridge was photographed by THE @helenachristensen! Read all about it on our blog (link in bio)
05 May 2020
Better times on horizon! I promise 🌴🧜‍♀️🌊🌈 🥂❤️ 📷 moi hanging out w @danikremeniuk
04 May 2020
Here are the fruits (pun intended) of my quarantine life!!! I’m officially a tortured fruit artist and I’m gonna refer to the quarantine time as my fruit period. Here is how it all started. I went to my university reunion last November. At first I didn’t want to go, I was dreading it for so many reasons. I wasn’t sure I want to connect with my past but mainly I was heartbroken and completely paralyzed over the death of my belowed cat companion of 17 years Sparky Little Kitty. Then 2 days before the reunion the grief became so unbearable, as an act self preservation I was desperately seeking a change of scenery so I decided to go. It was probably one of the best decision I’ve ever made. It was great to reconnect with my friends. One thing that took me by surprise, was how many ppl were coming up to me and saying that they still have my painting! Painting???!!! I was like waaaa??! I don’t remember that ... I completely forgot about it. So that’s what I took from the reunion. The strong message I recognized here was, if so many ppl hang on to something I made so long ago, maybe I should revisit that, maybe I should start painting again! But...it’s all about that first step for me...and I just didn’t know how to proceed ...Sooooo fast forward to a few month later ... I went to Mexico for my annual winter “pilgrimage” to a hot weather country and so it happened there was an ARTE Y VINO class (art & wine, basically you paint and drink wine!!!) at a local restaurant so I went to check it out and it was exactly what I needed for that first step. I didn’t know anything about painting with acrylic on canvas (my paintings back then were guache on paper) so this class filled in the blanks for me and I was sold! Then the covid19 ruined everything ...but kinda didn’t ...being in quarantine kinda actually helped me to focus...if there is no other distraction, nothing else to do, then I can focus....and commit to one thing, lolz. So this little story would be a great example to always look for the silver lining ...speaking of which...here is an eeery thing (the good kind) when my cat Sparky Little Kitty was dying in my arms the song “Always look for the silver lining
02 May 2020
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