In case your dogs ever run out of the house and found you, that’s why 👆smart doggos🐶
23 Aug 2018
Follow us and TAG a friend in the comments for your chance to win a $100 uber Giftcard & a bottle💸Repost this contest in your story and tag us for extra brownie points 😋 winner announced next Tuesday August 28th! Pls remember to follow us to be eligible.
22 Aug 2018
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Can you spot the bulldog? 🐶
21 Aug 2018
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Little Luna loves her pink camo Lap-It-Up bottle. Just give it a squeeze and the bowl fills up with water. Then when your doggo is done drinking release and the water goes back inside the bottle. No water wasted and the neoprene sleeve keeps it cool all day long ? Also available in khaki camo, red, blue, purple and lime green. Link in bio?
20 Aug 2018
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@madden.thefreckledpup knows that Lap-It-Up is the perfect bottle for on-the-go pups! Hassle free, no mess and water that stays cold no matter the heat outside. Link in bio to try yours today ?
19 Aug 2018
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Breaking: Doggo caught red-handed trying to steal from his mothers purse 🐾
18 Aug 2018
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Rain or shine your doggo needs to stay hydrated while on the go ?? check out the cool camo print bottle for adventurous girls & boys. Link in bio? Photo: @by.joshdavies Doggy Cred: @tailwaggerstoronto
17 Aug 2018
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Are they laughing with you or at you? 😋 tag a friend 🐶❤️
16 Aug 2018
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Lap-It-Up keeps your doggos water so cool and fresh that they don’t always want to share?
15 Aug 2018
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Even Little Grandma approves of the cool, clean water that she gets from her Lap-It-Up bottle✔️Just clip the bottle onto your bag, your dogs leash etc. for cold water on the go! Link in bio to see all of the colours that we have available ?
14 Aug 2018
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Squad goals 🐶 tag your bestie ❤️
13 Aug 2018
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Clean, Cool water, on-the-go in a b.p.a free bottle. Doggo approved✔️✔️
12 Aug 2018
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Who’s been there? 😂
11 Aug 2018
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Happy TGIF! Doggy’s so excited for the weekend he forgot to pay attention 😂 credit: @just_bl4ze
10 Aug 2018
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Hugo loving his Lap-It-Up bottle?? get yours in the link in bio today?we have a different colour available for all of the different doggos ?✨@hugo_thefakechihuahua
09 Aug 2018
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Our 2 most popular colours! Pick up yours today via the link in bio 👆 Once you get a bottle be sure to take a photo with it and tag us for your chance to win $100 Uber Giftcard🤗
09 Aug 2018
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WIN a $100 Uber Gift card by posting a photo of your dog with their Lap-It-Up bottle and tagging us in it ( On the Instagram Grid, extra stories get brownie points 🤪). If you don’t have your lap it up bottle yet order from the link in bio👆Winner will be announced August 25! Good luck 😉 please hashtag #lapitupwin in your photos!
08 Aug 2018
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Does your doggo have jealous tendencies?
07 Aug 2018
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When you’re trying to creep someone on Instagram and accidentally like one of their photos...tag a friend who does this 🐶 Video: @rks_line_bully
06 Aug 2018
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The Lap-It-Up water bottle is designed for dogs on the go no matter what their size is. Whether you have a pup, a Chihuahua or a Great Dane all dogs deserve access to clean, cool water whenever they please ?link in bio to try yours today?
05 Aug 2018
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Tag a friend who loves doggos❤️
04 Aug 2018
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Get your paws on a Lap-It-Up water bottle 🐾 b.p.a free, mess-free, easy to clean with a neoprene sleeve to keep your dogs water cool and a clip so you can attach it onto your dogs leash, your bag, a stroller etc. Link in bio to try yours today👆
03 Aug 2018
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Mr. Fenway Barks loves his Lap-It-Up bottle so much that he can’t stop asking his parents for it😂 has your dog tried the most convenient dog bottle out there? Check out the link in bio to try one out today👆😊 @mrfenwaybarks
02 Aug 2018
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The struggle is no longer real. Get a @lapitup.dogs bottle.😋
01 Aug 2018
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Comment below and tag us in a photo of your dog making a funny face to be featured🤗
30 Jul 2018
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Lil puppy @luciferchihuahuaraymond loving his Lap it up!! Check out his page ❤️
28 Jul 2018
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Summa summa time!!! 🕶🌸🌟 #dogsofsummer
27 Jul 2018
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Hydrated dogs = happy dogs ??
26 Jul 2018
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